Nacoa Moving Premises: call for volunteers

Following considerable disruption over the past few years, Nacoa is pleased to announce that we will be moving to new permanent premises on the weekend starting 24th February.

This marks a hopeful new chapter in the life of Nacoa, having suffered a number of significant issues relating to accommodation since the turn of 2014. Long term Nacoa supporters will know that, in January 2014, Nacoa suffered an overnight, spontaneous electrical fire in our previous premises. Volunteers and staff spent several months working in smoky, sooty conditions while keeping the phone lines open and planning the move to new premises.fire1

Late in 2014, Nacoa relocated to a nearby office block, which was, suffice it to say, a ‘breath of fresh air’. We were delighted with the new environment and service from the building management.

Unfortunately, however, we were informed at the beginning of December 2015 that the building had been sold, was to be converted in to apartments, and that we were to vacate the premises by late January. As the residential property prices in central Bristol are booming, this appears to be the trend and many non-profits are reporting difficulty acquiring and retaining economic office space.

Fortunately, Nacoa has found its new home in a space run exclusively for the volunteering sector—whose mission statement is ‘A place where people can grow’—and will provide a permanent space in which the helpline can flourish. Our new premises are economic and offer all the space and facilities required to operate and grow our charity. newplce

Call for volunteers

We would be delighted if some of our volunteers or supporters may offer assistance with the move. Nacoa volunteers will be packing, answering calls, driving between premises and erecting office furniture throughout February, culminating in the move weekend, beginning 24th February.

If you could provide a couple of hours help with the move in any way, this would be of enormous benefit. The helpline will be manned throughout the period, so, if you are a trained helpline counsellor, please do pop in even if you do not feel suited to physical activity.

After a number of extremely challenging years, we are confident that this office space will provide the foundations from which we can continue to speak and reach out to children of alcoholics unimpeded by these kinds of circumstances.

Volunteers old and new, please join the team to begin this uplifting new phase of Nacoa’s 26 year history!

You can be in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, or our admin email address Alternatively you can call us on 0117 9248005.