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COA Week 2016

The Right Hon. Liam Byrne MP presented the 2016 David Stafford Memorial Lecture in celebration of international Children of Alcoholics Week.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Children of AlcoholicsLiam describes speaking for the first time in public about life with his alcoholic father as “the most difficult speech of my life”.

He has taken the problems of children of alcoholics to Parliament and launched a new All Party Parliamentary Group on the issue in a debate in Westminster held on 24 November 2015. 

Liam is calling for us all To forget fighting demons. We must learn how to talk properly about alcoholism”.

The All-Party Group launched the “Break The Silence to Break The Cycle” campaign on February 8th which is being backed by MPs from all political parties.

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COA Week poster 2016COA Week is an international campaign held annually during the week in which Valentine’s day falls to raise awareness of the millions of children around the world being affected by their parents’ drinking.

We want children to know they are not alone and support is available. Visit coaweek.org.uk for more details and ideas of how to get involved.

This year saw an amazing response on Facebook and Twitter where we shared people’s experiences and posted things to remember and ways to feel better. We also had some fantastic media coverage thanks to Liam Byrne MP, Calum Best and some of our wonderful media volunteers.

Here’s a piece from Channel 4 news: